miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Chrome - Learn and Work with Technology

Learn and Work with Technology for Chrome

This App packed many Youtube videos in an easy lay out for you to learn Technology at your own pace from common skills such as Blogging and create websites to sophisticated subjects such as Engineering, Industrial Design and Ergonomic. Related videos list can be popped out in a new Window for easy searching and browsing. Multiple videos can be played at the same time and compared. Selection of videos include Blogging, HTML 5 Tutorials, CSS Tutorials, JavaScript Tutorials, JQuery Tutorials, Database Tutorials, Industrial Design, HandTools and Power Tools, Materials, Gadgets, Innovations and Design, Introduction to Computer Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Digital Media, Video Game Design, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Manufacturing process, Ergonomic and Human Factors, Bio-Technology, Aerospace, Green Technology and Nano Technology.

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